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Swift - Optionals
The topics here include: declaration of optionals, unwrapping (forced and implicit), optional binding, nil coalescing, and optional chaining.

Articles in this Series
icon-swift-article.jpg 1
Tags: optionals, swift
This article talks about the purpose of Optionals in Swift and how to declare them in your code.
icon-swift-test.jpg 2
Tags: optionals, swift
This is a test on basic concepts of Optionals in Swift.
icon-swift-article.jpg 3
This article discusses how Optionals are implemented in Swift.
icon-swift-test.jpg 4
Test on how Optionals are implemented internally in Swift.
icon-swift-article.jpg 5
This article talks about getting the value wrapped inside an optional by unwrapping it forcibly.
icon-swift-test.jpg 6
Test on Forced Unwrapping of the Optionals in Swift.
icon-swift-article.jpg 7
This article talks about unwrapping the optionals in Swift implicitly and the circumstances where you would use this functionality.
icon-swift-test.jpg 8
Test on how and when optionals are implicitly unwrapped in Swift.
icon-swift-article.jpg 9
This article discusses the safer ways of unwrapping an optional in Swift that includes Optional Binding.
icon-swift-test.jpg 10
Test on using Optional Binding in Swift.
icon-swift-article.jpg 11
This article talks about the Nil Coalescing Operator (??) in Swift.
icon-swift-test.jpg 12
Test on Nil Coalescing Operator for Optionals.
icon-swift-article.jpg 13
This article talks about optional chaining in swift where multiple optionals can be chained together and fail gracefully by returning nil when one of them is nil.
icon-swift-test.jpg 14
Test on optional chaining to safely return a nil or non-nil value from a series of optionals chained together.
icon-swift-article.jpg 15
Summary of three operators (?, !, ??) used in optionals in Swift.
icon-swift-test.jpg 16
Test on the usage of various Optionals operators (?, !, ??) in Swift
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