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Article Series: XMLHttpRequest and AJAX on Popular Sites
This series of articles looks at how popular sites use XMLHttpRequest object in their JavaScript to provide the AJAX functionality. These articles take a look at the actual JS code used on these popular sites like Google Suggest, Yahoo, Live.com, and MapQuest.

Articles in this Series
icon-ajax-xmlhttprequest-google-suggest.jpg 1
This article looks at how Google Suggest uses the XMLHttpRequest object in order to provide the real-time search suggestions in an AJAX way. The actual JavaScript code used to get the XMLHttpRequest object and the function that’s called on onreadystatechange are discussed.
icon-ajax-xmlhttprequest-live-maps-get-object.jpg 2
This article looks at how maps.live.com gets the XMLHttpRequest object on a given browser. It looks for either the XMLHttpRequest global object on window or looks for ActiveXObject.
icon-ajax-xmlhttprequest-yahoo-maps-get-object.jpg 3
This article looks at the code that creates XMLHttpRequest object on the Yahoo Maps and Yahoo Mail pages. This code has a clever way of iterating through the ActiveX objects on older Microsoft browsers.
icon-ajax-xmlhttprequest-mapquest-get-object.jpg 4
This article looks at how the JavaScript code on mapquest.com gets the XMLHttpRequest object. Here are code looks for XMLHttpRequest or ActiveXObject global objects (i.e. on the window).
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