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Article Series: First Programs in C# Explained
This series of articles explores and explains first programs written in C# programming language for various popular areas. After each article, you can take a quick quiz to test your understanding of the basic concepts of developing programs with C# for these areas.

C# can be used to develop programs for various environments/areas. You can develop console and GUI-based programs for windows. You can develop full-fledged web applications or web server controls that provide a particular piece of functionality. You can develop programs for smart devices, extend Microsoft Office and much more.

Articles in this Series
icon-first-console-solution-explorer.jpg 1
This article explains writing the first console application using .NET Framework and C#. The console applications do not have any graphical user interfaces. These are also called command line applications. These are the applications that run in the good old DOS window (or Command Window, as it is called nowadays).
This test has questions on developing first console (shell) based programs using the C# programming language.
icon-first-web-new-project.jpg 3
This article explains and dissects the pieces involved in creating the first web program in C# using the Web Project method (as opposed to the Web Site method).
How do you develop an ASP.NET program using the Web Project model?
icon-first-web-site-solution-explorer.jpg 5
This article explains and dissects the pieces involved in creating the first web program in C# using the Web Site method (as opposed to the Web Program method).
What is involved in developing a web-based program using the C# programming language with Web Site - Solution as the model.
icon-web-proj-site-dir-compare.jpg 7
Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 offer two options for creating an ASP.NET web program – a Web Project or Web Site. This article discusses the main reasons why you would choose one over the other.
Visual Studio / ASP.NET offers two ways developing a web program - a Web Project model and a Web Site model. Which fits where?
icon-first-windows-solution.jpg 9
This article discusses and analyzes the first Windows program created in C#. These programs are also called Smart Clients or Thick Clients or Windows Clients or Windows Forms or WinForms programs.
Windows Forms programs use the functionality provided with the Windows operating system. This test has questions on the basics of developing a Windows Forms program in C#.
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