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Test: First Windows Forms Program in C# Explained

1. Which of the following Windows Project Templates are available only in .NET Framework 3.0 (and Visual Studio) and later?

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Correct Answer: WPF Application; WPF Browser Application;
If you choose a different .NET Framework version at the top right of the New Project window in Visual Studio, then only the templates available for that version will be shown. For example, if you choose .NET Framework version 2.0, then you will not see the WPF related templates (WPF Application, WPF User Control Library, WPF Browser Application, and WPF Custom Control Library). The WPF technology is available in .NET Framework version 3.0 and later.
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Test is Based on this Article
Windows Forms programs use the functionality provided with the Windows operating system. This test has questions on the basics of developing a Windows Forms program in C#.
This article discusses and analyzes the first Windows program created in C#. These programs are also called Smart Clients or Thick Clients or Windows Clients or Windows Forms or WinForms programs.

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