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Test: First Android Program via XML Layout Using Eclipse and the Android plugin

3. Which of the following is a proper Java package name?

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Correct Answer: ca.acomp.android.cal
The package names follow a certain standard in Java applications. First of all, all the characters in the name are in lower-case (when possible, of course; but you always see the package names in lower-case).

Various parts of the package name are separated by period. Correct answer here: ca.acomp.android.cal. These parts go from broader to smaller groupings. Here, ca is the top-level domain name of a Canadian company. Then, acomp is the name of the company (just an example). That is followed by android, which is a class of applications developed by this company. And finally, the grouping ‘cal’ will hold all the classes that are to be developed for this cal application (perhaps a calendar application).
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Test is Based on this Article
This is a simple first application constructed for Google Phone using Android platform. This hello world application is explained in detail.
Test your knowledge on the basics of developing an Android program.

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