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Slideshow for Class 'EventHandlerList'
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_getEvent(id, create)
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addHandler(id, handler)
Method '_getEvent(id, create)'
Method: _getEvent(id, create)
Method Full Name:     Sys$EventHandlerList$_getEvent(id, create)
Class: EventHandlerList
Namespace: Sys
Source File: MicrosoftAjax.debug.js
1   function Sys$EventHandlerList$_getEvent(id, create) {
2     if (!this._list[id]) {
3       if (!create) return null;
4       this._list[id] = [];
5     }
6     return this._list[id];
7   }
This is the JavaScript source for method _getEvent(id, create) from ASP.NET AJAX Library. Full name for this method is Sys$EventHandlerList$_getEvent(id, create). It belongs to the class EventHandlerList, which is in Sys namespace. This source is in MicrosoftAjax.debug.js file.
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