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Your Browser Capabilities and Connection Info
Following are the capabilities of your browser and the information about your connection as seen by this server (this is what ASP.NET server thinks of your browser by default). Some of these values are ASP.NET/.NET Framework specific. The display/monitor details might be off, because the algorithm used in .Net Framework approximates these values.
Machine Details 
Host Name44.200.168.16
Host IP Address44.200.168.16
Client language preferencesen-US en;q=0.5
Platform (e.g. Windows NT 5.0 is Windows 2000; Windows NT 5.1 is Windows XP; WinNT for all other other versions of Windows NT)WinXP
Is this a Win16-based Computer?No
Is this a Win32-based Computer?Yes
Display Details (might be off, see above) 
Depth of the display, in bits per pixel8
Approximate height of the display, in character lines40
Approximate width of the display, in characters80
Approximate height of the display, in pixels480
Approximate width of the display, in pixels640
URL Details 
Referring URL (spaces added to URL for proper wrapping)None
The raw URL of current request/ConnectionInfo/MyConnectionInfo.aspx?Category=MachineURL
The query string variablesCategory=MachineURL
The HTTP data transfer method (GET or POST) used by the clientGET
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