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Your Browser Capabilities and Connection Info
Following are the capabilities of your browser and the information about your connection as seen by this server (this is what ASP.NET server thinks of your browser by default). Some of these values are ASP.NET/.NET Framework specific. The display/monitor details might be off, because the algorithm used in .Net Framework approximates these values.
Machine Details 
Host Name3.235.25.27
Host IP Address3.235.25.27
Client language preferencesen-US en;q=0.5
Platform (e.g. Windows NT 5.0 is Windows 2000; Windows NT 5.1 is Windows XP; WinNT for all other other versions of Windows NT)WinXP
Is this a Win16-based Computer?No
Is this a Win32-based Computer?Yes
Display Details (might be off, see above) 
Depth of the display, in bits per pixel8
Approximate height of the display, in character lines40
Approximate width of the display, in characters80
Approximate height of the display, in pixels480
Approximate width of the display, in pixels640
URL Details 
Referring URL (spaces added to URL for proper wrapping)None
The raw URL of current request/ConnectionInfo/MyConnectionInfo.aspx
The query string variablesNone
The HTTP data transfer method (GET or POST) used by the clientGET
Browser Basics 
Browser Name (User-Agent request header sent by the browser)IE
Browser Version5.5
Major (integer) version5
Minor (decimal) version0.5
Name and versionIE5
Internal Identifier of the browser as specified in the browser definition fileie55
The type of input supported by browserkeyboard
Raw user agent string of the client browserCCBot/2.0 (https://commoncrawl.org/faq/)
.Net Framework Version0.0
Is this AOL Browser?No
Is this a Beta Version of the Browser?No
Are you a search engine Web crawler?No
Scripting Info 
ECMAScript Version1.2
JScript Version5.5
W3C DOM Version1.0
Microsoft DOM Version5.5
Supports ActiveX Controls?Yes
Supports Java Applets?Yes
Supports Visual Basic Scripting edition (VBScript)?Yes
Supports callback scripts?Yes
Supports Cascading Style Sheets (CSS)?Yes
Sizes and Preferences 
Maximum length of the page, in bytes, which browser can display (default is 2000)300000
Maximum length in characters for the HREF attribute of an HTML A (anchor) element10000
Maximum length of the text that a soft key label can display (default is 5)5
MIME type of the type IMAGE content typically preferred by the browserimage/gif
MIME type of the type of CONTENT typically preferred by the browsertext/html
General name for the type of content that the browser prefers (html32 or chtml10)html32
The request encoding preferred by the browser 
The response encoding preferred by the browser 
Supports Cookies?Yes
Supports empty (null) string in cookie values?Yes
Supports cookies on redirection?Yes
General Capabilities 
Supports receiving XML over HTTP?Yes
Supports Channel Definition Format (CDF) for webcasting?No
Capable of initiating a voice call?No
Has a dedicated back button?Yes
Supports color?Yes
Requires control state to be maintained in sessions?No
Requires a double-byte character set?No
Requires non-standard error messages?No
Postback data sent by the browser will be UrlEncoded?No
Requires VIEWSTATE values to be specially encoded?No
Requires unique FORMACTION URLs?No
Basic HTML Support 
Supports HTML Frames?Yes
Supports HTML TABLE elements?Yes
Supports sending e-mail by using the HTML MAILTO element for displaying electronic addresses?Yes
Supports background sounds using <BGSOUNDS> HTML element?Yes
Supports empty HTML SELECT elements?Yes
Detailed HTML Support 
Is the scrollbar of an HTML SELECT MULTIPLE element with an ALIGN attribute value of RIGHT obscured upon rendering?No
Renders a line break after list item elements?Yes
Requires colons in element attribute values to be substituted with a different character?No
Requires an HTML META element for which the CONTENT-TYPE attribute is specified?No
Requires the first element in the body of a web page to be an HTML BR element?No
Browser does NOT support HTML BR elements to format line breaks?No
Requires pages to contain a size-optimized form of markup language tags?No
Supports phone dialing based on plain text only? (if no, it supports through a special markup)No
Requires unique NAME attribute values of multiple HTML CHECKBOX elements?No
Requires unique NAME attribute values of multiple HTML INPUT elements?No
Supports the ACCESSKEY attribute of HTML A (anchor) and INPUT elements?No
Supports BGCOLOR attribute of the HTML BODY element?Yes
Supports HTML B elements to format bold text?Yes
Supports the CACHE-CONTROL value for the HTTP-EQIV attribute of HTML META elementsYes
Supports the ALIGN attribute of HTML DIV elements?Yes
Supports the NOWRAP attribute of HTML DIV elements?Yes
Supports the COLOR attribute of HTML FONT element?Yes
Supports the NAME attribute of HTML FONT elements?Yes
Supports the SIZE attribute of HTML FONT elements?Yes
Supports using a custom image in place of a standard form submit button?Yes
Supports i-mode symbols?No
Supports the ISTYLE attribute of HTML INPUT elements?No
Supports the MODE attribute of HTML INPUT elements?No
Supports HTML I elements to format italic text?Yes
Supports a query string in the ACTION attribute value of HTML FORM elements?Yes
Supports the MULTIPLE attribute of HTML SELECT elements?Yes
Is unchecking of a checked HTML CHECKBOX element reflected in postback data?Yes
Mobile Browser Capabilities 
Is this a recognized mobile device? (If NO, all the mobile browser properties should be ignored)No
Name of the manufacturer of the mobile deviceUnknown
Name of the mobile deviceUnknown
Version Number of Wireless Gateway used to access the serverNone
Major Version Number of Wireless Gateway used to access the server0
Minor Version Number of Wireless Gateway used to access the server0
Number of soft keys on a mobile device (default is 0)0
WML Support (Mobile Browser) 
Supports page content following WML SELECT or INPUT elements?Yes
Supports WML INPUT and SELECT elements together on the same card?Yes
Supports WML OPTION elements that specify both ONPICK and VALUE attributes?Yes
Supports WML ONEVENT and PREV elements that coexist within the same WML CARD?Yes
Supports WML cards for postback?Yes
Supports WML SETVAR elements with a VALUE attribute of 0?Yes
Number of submit buttons allowed for a form (Number of soft keys available on a WML-compatible mobile device1
Renders a line break before WML SELECT or INPUT elements?Unknown
Renders a line break after a WML stand-alone HTML A (anchor) element?No
Renders a line break after a WML HTML INPUT element?No
Renders a WML do-based form accept construct as an inline button rather than as a soft key?Yes
Renders WML SELECT elements as menu cards, rather than as a combo box?No
Supports J-Phone multimedia attributes?No
Supports J-Phone-specific picture symbols?No
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