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This article talks about using SQL Server in a virtual environment. Here the operating system installed is Windows Vista Ultimate on a Mac using VMware Fusion. The DBMS version used is SQL Server 2008. Adventure Works database is installed on top of this in the virtual environment and tested by issuing queries and creating database diagrams inside SQL Server Management Studio. Simple testing is also done with SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio on Windows virtual machine.
This article goes through installing SQL Server on Windows virtual machine. This Windows virtual machine has been created with VMware Fusion. The versions used here are SQL Server 2008 and Windows Vista Ultimate. Several screenshots of SQL Server installation on a virtual machine are also included.
This article shows a quick and simple way to switch between local and production databases. Also discusses the connection strings.
Sometimes you need to execute a stored procedure from the query window to view the results in a quick and dirty way. This article shows how to execute a stored procedure that's already there in the db with output parameters.
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