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This article documents getting and installing VMware Fusion virtualization software on an iMac running OS X. The iMac used here is reasonably powerful. The hard disk size requirements and the operating systems to be installed are also discussed. This article includes several screenshots of installing Fusion.
This article discusses using Microsoft Office for Windows on a Mac, where Windows Vista has been installed as a virtual machine using VMware Fusion. The exact version of Office is Microsoft Office 2007 Ultimate (for Windows). And the version of Windows is Windows Vista Ultimate. Notes and thoughts on performance, usage, user interface, etc. are included. Copy-Pasting data and opening files across operating systems are also discussed.
This article goes through installing SQL Server on Windows virtual machine. This Windows virtual machine has been created with VMware Fusion. The versions used here are SQL Server 2008 and Windows Vista Ultimate. Several screenshots of SQL Server installation on a virtual machine are also included.
This article talks about installing Ubuntu Linux virtual machine on a Mac with VMware Fusion. Details of the size of the Ubuntu Linux virtual machine are discussed. Also discussed is downloading and installing automatic updates to Ubuntu from within the virtual machine. Screenshots for the installation and updates are included.
This article talks about using Ubuntu (Linux) on a Mac. This Linux virtual machine has been installed as a virtual machine using VMware Fusion. Here are some notes and thoughts on using that virtual machine. Couple of programming environments (Python from command line and Eclipse) are shown here. OpenOffice apps, sound, video, and Internet usage from this Ubuntu virtual machine are also discussed. Screenshots of how Ubuntu looks as a virtual machine are also included.
This article talks about the usage and experience of running Windows Vista, Ubuntu Linux desktop and Ubuntu Linux server virtual machines on an iMac running OS X. VMware Fusion was used for creating these virtual machines. Sizes of these virtual machines after the installation of operating systems and some applications are also discussed. Browsers, office applications, and programming tools are compared across these three operating systems. And finally, the article closes with several pros and cons of virtual machines and Fusion.
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