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This article compares the monitor of 24-inch iMac with another 24-inch monitor. Several pictures included.
This article goes through setting up a brand new iMac. All the intermediate pictures of the setup screens are included.
This article is about opening a brand new 24-inch iMac with 4GB RAM and 1TB hard disk. At the time of purchase it was the most powerful iMac. Several pictures (including photos of Apple’s Elk Grove facility) are included.
This article goes through creating Windows Vista Ultimate virtual machine on Mac OS X using VMware Fusion. Here a Windows Vista Ultimate virtual machine is created with 1 GB of RAM and 40 GB of hard disk space. Several screenshots of creating the Vista virtual machine are also included in this article.
This article discusses using Windows Vista Ultimate virtual machine on a Mac created and managed with VMware Fusion. Various advantages and disadvantages of using Vista virtual machine this way are discussed. Modes of usage (single window, full screen, and unity) are also discussed. Getting online video from the Vista virtual machine, the effect of Fusion on Aero, and getting automatic updates from inside the virtual machine are also discussed. Plenty of screenshots included.
This article talks about using SQL Server in a virtual environment. Here the operating system installed is Windows Vista Ultimate on a Mac using VMware Fusion. The DBMS version used is SQL Server 2008. Adventure Works database is installed on top of this in the virtual environment and tested by issuing queries and creating database diagrams inside SQL Server Management Studio. Simple testing is also done with SQL Server Business Intelligence Development Studio on Windows virtual machine.
This article talks about installing Visual Studio on a Windows virtual machine installed on a Mac with VMware Fusion. Here the versions used are Visual Studio 2008, Windows Vista Ultimate, and VMware Fusion 2.01. Discussions on size, installed features, and MSDN are also included in this article.
This article goes through installing Microsoft Office on Windows Vista virtual machine created with VMware’s Fusion. Here MS Office Ultimate is installed on Windows Vista Ultimate virtual machine. Getting PDF and XPS file format functionality for MS Office is also discussed.
This article has notes and thoughts on using Visual Studio on a Windows Vista virtual machine that was created on a Mac using VMware Fusion. Here the versions used are Visual Studio 2008 Professional and Windows Vista Ultimate. The virtualization software is VMware Fusion 2.01 on a reasonably powerful iMac. Several sample applications (command line, Windows Forms, Web, and Games applications) are compiled and tested from Visual Studio 2008 in a Vista virtual machine on a Mac.
This series of articles documents an experience of installing, working with, and playing with VMware Fusion on a reasonably powerful iMac. On this iMac, a few virtual machines have been created with various operating systems - Windows Vista Ultimate, Ubuntu (Linux) Desktop, and Ubuntu (Linux) Server. Also installed and tested several powerful applications like Microsoft Office Ultimate, SQL Server, Visual Studio, Eclipse, and LAMP Servers on these virtual machines. These articles go from installing Fusion to comparing various virtual machines created with it. These articles also discuss the pros and cons of virtual machines, running online video on virtual machines, and compare browsers, office applications, and programming tools across virtual machines.
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