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Since JavaScript has been supported by every major web browser for a long time now, every decent-sized web site uses some JavaScript. Now that ASP.NET AJAX is available, you might want to refactor and start adding some of the functionality available in these libraries. This article goes through the initial refactoring steps.
This article shows how to embed the JavaScript files (.js) in your custom control dll. Along the way discusses the advantages of doing so.
Needless to say, the JavaScript files are essential to adding AJAX functionality to ASP.NET sites or ASP.NET custom controls. If you are using ASP.NET AJAX client libraries, the ScriptManager should recognize your .js files. This article looks at how to make ScriptManager recognize your existing JavaScript files.
How to get the postback data in the individual controls in your custom control? This article explains the LoadPostDataMethod with examples and figures.
This article discusses the order in which various methods are executed when a custom control posts the data back to the server.
This article looks at the very first steps (from a practical consideration) after you have decided to build an asp.net custom control.
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