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This is a series of articles on Google's Android development environment. Get the basics of setting up the envirnonment and see some screenshots of Google Phone.
This article shows the pictures of interest to the developers of applications on Google Phone / Android. These are the pictures of API Demos and built-in Developer Tools.
This article has screenshots of the main interface of a Google Phone (or the basic set of Android features). Also has various screenshots of the web browser built into Android.
This article contains the screenshots of sample games in the Google Phone emulator (the emulator from the Android).
After installing Eclipse, the next step to do for a productive Android development is to install the sdk and plugin. This article has notes, screenshots, and thoughts on this.
This series of articles looks at the development tools for Android based development in detail. This article looks at getting started with Eclipse for Android, especially if you have not done much of Eclipse development or have been a Visual Studio developer.
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