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This series of articles goes through the basics of Swift. It introduces Playgrounds and REPL; Variables and Constants; Int, Float, Bool; Tuples, Type Aliases, Type Inference, Type Safety, and more.
Tags: optionals, swift
The topics here include: declaration of optionals, unwrapping (forced and implicit), optional binding, nil coalescing, and optional chaining.
This series of articles explains migrating Subversion repositories into Git.
scrambleZest is an iPhone scramble game. This series of articles has a ton of pictures and shows various features of scrambleZest.
These articles discuss getting started with iPhone application development. The development tools involved in creating iPhone applications (like Xcode, Interface Builder, Instruments, Dash Code, and iPhone Simulator) are introduced. Code for a simple first iPhone application is thoroughly discussed. Each lesson also comes with a quiz.
This series of articles looks at how popular sites use XMLHttpRequest object in their JavaScript to provide the AJAX functionality. These articles take a look at the actual JS code used on these popular sites like Google Suggest, Yahoo, Live.com, and MapQuest.
This series of articles documents an experience of installing, working with, and playing with VMware Fusion on a reasonably powerful iMac. On this iMac, a few virtual machines have been created with various operating systems - Windows Vista Ultimate, Ubuntu (Linux) Desktop, and Ubuntu (Linux) Server. Also installed and tested several powerful applications like Microsoft Office Ultimate, SQL Server, Visual Studio, Eclipse, and LAMP Servers on these virtual machines. These articles go from installing Fusion to comparing various virtual machines created with it. These articles also discuss the pros and cons of virtual machines, running online video on virtual machines, and compare browsers, office applications, and programming tools across virtual machines.
In this series of articles, more advanced versions of first programs using .NET Framework and C# are discussed. These articles cover developing for areas like Smart Devices, Web Services, Server Controls, etc.
This series of articles explores and explains first programs written in C# programming language for various popular areas. After each article, you can take a quick quiz to test your understanding of the basic concepts of developing programs with C# for these areas.
This is a series of articles on Google's Android development environment. Get the basics of setting up the envirnonment and see some screenshots of Google Phone.
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