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By default, git is available on the Mountain Lion. However, it is not added to the path. This article also discusses getting the git via Command Line Tools.
This is the primary help article for playing scrambleZest on iPhone. It also includes a small Quick Start section.
This article talks about the results screens in scrambleZest. You can look at the played scrambles from the current set; or, look at the top scoring scrambles.
This article talks about choosing a set to play in scrambleZest. You can choose from featured sets or a set from a category or search for sets to play.
This article has information on various settings in the scrambleZest game. These settings include playing an entire set vs. random scrambles from different sets and changing set levels and scramble difficulty levels.
These are some quick tips for playing scrambleZest. Tips include the details of starting a new scramble, playing next set, touching the big slot bar, playing only kids scrambles, and more.
This article explains the view controller of an iPhone application. In this case, the view contains just a table and hence the controller is derived from UITableViewController class. Class diagram, general view methods, and general table methods are discussed.
This article explains the Application Delegate of an iPhone application. This article discusses the standard application delegate header and implementation files generated for a navigation based application. Also goes through the methods that are generally implemented from the UIApplicationDelegate protocol.
For iPhone and iPod Touch applications, you would consistently see the same main() method, where an application starts. This article explains various pieces of that main() method.
This article explains the code of a simple first iPhone application. The class diagram and overall structure of the code is discussed here. Application Delegate and View Controller classes are also introduced.
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