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This article has the user interface screenshots of Android version 0.9. This article also shows the evolution of the Android user interface from earlier versions via screenshots.
This article discusses installing Eclipse (Ganymede), Android SDK, and Android Plugin for Eclipse on a Mac. Screenshots included.
This article discusses the actual installation of iPhone SDK. The installation screenshots are included.
This article talks about getting started with developing applications for iPhone. Various pieces of iPhone SDK are discussed.
This article compares the monitor of 24-inch iMac with another 24-inch monitor. Several pictures included.
This article goes through setting up a brand new iMac. All the intermediate pictures of the setup screens are included.
This article is about opening a brand new 24-inch iMac with 4GB RAM and 1TB hard disk. At the time of purchase it was the most powerful iMac. Several pictures (including photos of Apple’s Elk Grove facility) are included.
This series of articles looks at how popular sites use XMLHttpRequest object in their JavaScript to provide the AJAX functionality. These articles take a look at the actual JS code used on these popular sites like Google Suggest, Yahoo, Live.com, and MapQuest.
This article looks at how Google Suggest uses the XMLHttpRequest object in order to provide the real-time search suggestions in an AJAX way. The actual JavaScript code used to get the XMLHttpRequest object and the function that’s called on onreadystatechange are discussed.
This article looks at how maps.live.com gets the XMLHttpRequest object on a given browser. It looks for either the XMLHttpRequest global object on window or looks for ActiveXObject.
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