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You have defined a stored procedure that takes parameters. You have created an SqlDataSource that uses these parameters. Now how do you change these parameters at run-time from C# (or VB.Net) code?
When you make a list of items separated by commas, you will have that irritating comma at the end of list. This article discusses a couple of different ways of taking that comma (or the separator) out.
Your custom control events might not fire properly without RegisterRequiresPostBack method. And it would keep on losing its state.
Sometimes you need to execute a stored procedure from the query window to view the results in a quick and dirty way. This article shows how to execute a stored procedure that's already there in the db with output parameters.
StringBuilder is a great way to make large strings from a series of smaller strings. You would use the Append() method to add these smaller strings to make the larger one. In some cases AppendFormat() method can reduce the clutter and amount of code.
This article looks at the very first steps (from a practical consideration) after you have decided to build an asp.net custom control.
Transferring control from one aspx page to another is a pretty common need. This piece looks at one scenario.
AJAX Control Toolkit contains a cascading dropdown control, where the results shown in the child dropdown depend on the parent dropdown. There is a way to AJAX-ify existing cascading dropdowns without using the AJAX Control Toolkit.
This quick snippet shows how to get data using SqlDataSource and attach it to a Repeater to display that data.
Storing HTML in the database with all the HTML tags is straight-forward; however if the entered text has some tags (either HTML or XML) that are to be displayed as they are (i.e. not interpreted as formatting tags), you will run into some trouble with the browser. This article discusses a couple of options in dealing with these issues.
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