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Tags: menu, menu item
This article shows different ways of adding/showing individual menu items to a menu. Also looks at separating menus by the role of the user.
These are my notes and observations on Visual Studio 2008 Beta 2. This article focuses on my installation of VS 2008 Beta 2 on a Windows Vista Ultimate machine. This article also has some screenshots from the installation.
Since JavaScript is a loosely-typed language, type checking is not done for you automatically. If you are writing library-type functions (those that would be used by other developers), it is very useful to validate the parameters. Here is how MS AJAX does the parameter validation.
RewritePath used to service search engine friendly urls has problems with search engines. While this works fine with regular browsers, the request fails with the user agents of most all search engines. This article looks at the workarounds (fix from Microsoft was not available by early 2007)
When you add an HtmlControl to your custom control, sometimes you want to have a unique id given to that HTML element and sometimes you don’t care as much about it. This article looks at how to generate unique and previously known IDs (same at design time and runtime).
This article looks at where the TagPrefix cc1 comes from in the @Register directive. Also looks the ToolboxData attribute which serves as the template for the custom control declaration on a page.
Since JavaScript has been supported by every major web browser for a long time now, every decent-sized web site uses some JavaScript. Now that ASP.NET AJAX is available, you might want to refactor and start adding some of the functionality available in these libraries. This article goes through the initial refactoring steps.
You save the customizable public properties of a custom control in the ViewState. On the postback, you read those values and reset whatever the UI controls you want to reset. This article looks at a generic way of getting and saving the properties.
This article looks at various aspects of autocompleteextender. The web service method that returns the matching results and various important properties of the control are also discussed.
This article shows how to embed the JavaScript files (.js) in your custom control dll. Along the way discusses the advantages of doing so.
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