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You have added the extra controls to the CreateUserWizard to collect additional information from the user at the time of new account creation. This article discusses how to save that extra information to the database.
This article discusses the CreateUserWizard and looks at extending the default user interface provided by it.
This article discusses the difference between authentication and authorization. It also discusses how the data required to support each of these features is stored in the database in ASP.NET 2.0 sites.
This article shows one way of setting up a local database and populating it with data from the server database. Restriction here is that you might not have full admin access to the server db and you might not want all the tables.
This article discusses obtaining the information about a particular class inside assembly. The .NET Reflection classes like Assembly, Type, MethodInfo, ConstructorInfo, etc. are used obtain this information.
This article shows the reflection functionality built into the .NET Framework with the help of a small Windows Forms utility. Here the focus is on getting the assembly information.
This is my first look at installing IronPython for ASP.NET and playing with it a little bit.
This article shows a quick and simple way to switch between local and production databases. Also discusses the connection strings.
These are my notes on getting and setting up and playing with IronPython version 1.x and 2.x.
Tags: path, image, repeater
File paths can sometimes get pretty irritating in asp.net. Say, you moved a user control from one sub-directory to another; all the images that user control uses could now be broken. This article looks at what to watch out for to avoid broken images and other paths.
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