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How do you develop an ASP.NET program using the Web Project model?
This article explains and dissects the pieces involved in creating the first web program in C# using the Web Project method (as opposed to the Web Site method).
This article lists the important User-Agent strings (i.e. the IDs of the browsers that contact your web server). You can use these strings to do quick tests of accessing your site via tools like Fiddler.
This test has questions on developing first console (shell) based programs using the C# programming language.
This article explains writing the first console application using .NET Framework and C#. The console applications do not have any graphical user interfaces. These are also called command line applications. These are the applications that run in the good old DOS window (or Command Window, as it is called nowadays).
A typical Android program includes a few imports from the Android SDK. This test has some questions on those basic imports.
This article looks at a few basic imports that an Android program might use.
This is a simple first application constructed for Google Phone using Android platform. This hello world application is explained in detail.
Test your knowledge on the basics of developing an Android program.
This is a series of articles on Google's Android development environment. Get the basics of setting up the envirnonment and see some screenshots of Google Phone.
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