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This article explains and discusses the creation of the first web service program using .NET Framework and C#.
How would you start with developing a Windows Mobile program using C# programming language?
This article discusses and analyzes various aspects in creating the first smart device program using .NET Framework and C#.
This series of articles explores and explains first programs written in C# programming language for various popular areas. After each article, you can take a quick quiz to test your understanding of the basic concepts of developing programs with C# for these areas.
Windows Forms programs use the functionality provided with the Windows operating system. This test has questions on the basics of developing a Windows Forms program in C#.
This article discusses and analyzes the first Windows program created in C#. These programs are also called Smart Clients or Thick Clients or Windows Clients or Windows Forms or WinForms programs.
Visual Studio / ASP.NET offers two ways developing a web program - a Web Project model and a Web Site model. Which fits where?
Visual Studio 2005 and Visual Studio 2008 offer two options for creating an ASP.NET web program – a Web Project or Web Site. This article discusses the main reasons why you would choose one over the other.
What is involved in developing a web-based program using the C# programming language with Web Site - Solution as the model.
This article explains and dissects the pieces involved in creating the first web program in C# using the Web Site method (as opposed to the Web Program method).
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