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This article shows how to set up a project and compile the SQLite shell and database engine source code with Visual Studio. Screenshots included.
This article explains how to get pretty / nice output from the SQLite command line shell program.
This article discusses creating SQLite databases using GUI-based database managers. The example used here is SQLite Database Browser.
This article talks about various aspects of creating an SQLite database. It also uses Android SQLite shell as an example.
This article looks at the contents of the android.jar file via the jar tool and others.
This article talks about the SQLite packages available in Android SDK.
This article looks at using SQLite from the Android shell.
Tags: android, adb, shell, debug
This article looks at what’s there (in terms of directories and processes) on an Android device/emulator via its shell.
This article looks at some quick basics of using the Android Debug Bridge that lets you manage the Android emulator/device.
This article gives some quick pointers on how to start debugging an Android application, along with where to put the breakpoints and how to change the emulator sizes from within Eclipse.
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