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You don't want to show ads from adsense while you are testing your site. This will inflate your adsense numbers and there is a chance of you accidentally clicking on one of the ads. Google does not allow you clicking on ads shown on your site. This article shows how to be safe and not show ads while testing.
This article looks at the integration of Visual SourceSafe and Visual Studio. Some settings pertaining to the independent developer in the source control are also explored.
Because of the widespread abuses of the HTML meta tag, certain meta tags are not looked at by the search engines. However, they might help a bit (especially the description part). This article discusses various aspects of the meta tag.
It's easy and convenient to obtain articles, blog posts, etc. via ID as query string. But the page generated with ID paramater has less of a chance of being indexed by search engine. Instead of ID, use a more search-engine-friendly name in the URL.
Popular sites use the meta tags extensively even though the power and usefulness of this has gone down from the search engine perspective after years of inaccurate and abusive usage of the keywords. This article looks at how the popular sites are using the meta tags.
This article talks about changing the domain name of your current site. Here everything else remains the same about the site but the name.
This article contains information on various search robots and robots.txt. Thoughts on which directories to be allowed access and which are to be kept away from the search engines.
This article goes through installing Microsoft Office on Windows Vista virtual machine created with VMware’s Fusion. Here MS Office Ultimate is installed on Windows Vista Ultimate virtual machine. Getting PDF and XPS file format functionality for MS Office is also discussed.
This article documents getting and installing VMware Fusion virtualization software on an iMac running OS X. The iMac used here is reasonably powerful. The hard disk size requirements and the operating systems to be installed are also discussed. This article includes several screenshots of installing Fusion.
This article talks about installing Ubuntu Linux virtual machine on a Mac with VMware Fusion. Details of the size of the Ubuntu Linux virtual machine are discussed. Also discussed is downloading and installing automatic updates to Ubuntu from within the virtual machine. Screenshots for the installation and updates are included.
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