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This article discusses the order in which various methods are executed when a custom control posts the data back to the server.
This article shows how to replace value of just a single key and keep all the other key-value pairs in a querystring for a given page. You might use this to replace a page number in the url of a querystring, for example: mysite.com?key1=value1&page=2&key3=value3.
With ID as a query string parameter (...aspx?ID=...) being a big no-no from the search engine perspective, we would need a way to convert the convenient fake urls into the ones our system understands (like using ID= in the url). There are several ways of accomplishing this; we will look at a couple of quick options.
This article describes a quick and simple way to log all the User-Agent strings to the database. These user agents are browsers, search spiders, etc.
Repeater gives tremendous amount of flexibility in formatting the repeating items the way you want. However, it doesn't have the paging support the way some other data controls do. This article looks adding a navigation bar with paging support to a repeater.
By default SQLEXPRESS is used as the database that contains the membership information. Some thoughts in this regard.
You have defined a stored procedure that takes parameters. You have created an SqlDataSource that uses these parameters. Now how do you change these parameters at run-time from C# (or VB.Net) code?
Your custom control events might not fire properly without RegisterRequiresPostBack method. And it would keep on losing its state.
This article looks at the very first steps (from a practical consideration) after you have decided to build an asp.net custom control.
Transferring control from one aspx page to another is a pretty common need. This piece looks at one scenario.
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