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This article shows a quick and simple way to switch between local and production databases. Also discusses the connection strings.
Tags: path, image, repeater
File paths can sometimes get pretty irritating in asp.net. Say, you moved a user control from one sub-directory to another; all the images that user control uses could now be broken. This article looks at what to watch out for to avoid broken images and other paths.
Tags: menu, menu item
This article shows different ways of adding/showing individual menu items to a menu. Also looks at separating menus by the role of the user.
RewritePath used to service search engine friendly urls has problems with search engines. While this works fine with regular browsers, the request fails with the user agents of most all search engines. This article looks at the workarounds (fix from Microsoft was not available by early 2007)
When you add an HtmlControl to your custom control, sometimes you want to have a unique id given to that HTML element and sometimes you don’t care as much about it. This article looks at how to generate unique and previously known IDs (same at design time and runtime).
This article looks at where the TagPrefix cc1 comes from in the @Register directive. Also looks the ToolboxData attribute which serves as the template for the custom control declaration on a page.
You save the customizable public properties of a custom control in the ViewState. On the postback, you read those values and reset whatever the UI controls you want to reset. This article looks at a generic way of getting and saving the properties.
How to get the postback data in the individual controls in your custom control? This article explains the LoadPostDataMethod with examples and figures.
Fiddler lets you capture the HTTP traffic on your computer very easily. You would be able to test how your site responds to requests from search engines very easily (by putting that user-agent string in the HTTP request). In addition, what’s discussed in this article can be used to debug things like the problems with RewritePath.
It is a well known practice to double click on a control in the design window to create the signature for the standard event handler for that control in the code window. But when it is time to create a different event handler for that control, you might have guessed the parameters or copy pasted from somewhere else. There is a quicker way.
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