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This article discusses adding <meta> tags programmatically into the <head> section of an HTML page via ASP.NET. Two classes in the .Net Framework – HtmlHead and HtmlMeta – are discussed.
Lots of different file extensions are used in ASP.NET projects. Test your knowledge on the basics these file types.
Recognizing the file types helps understand quickly the architecture of a web site that you didn’t develop (also helps with the files you didn’t explicitly create but the development environment generated). This article talks about the common and not-so common types of files you see as you develop with Visual Studio / ASP.NET.
This article talks about the directory structure you see when you work with (and grow) an ASP.NET web site. Visual Studio creates some directories automatically for you and these directories have some special meaning (that means, only a certain types of files can go into these directories).
Various subdirectories are used in a typical ASP.NET program. This is a test on the basics of various subdirectories.
This article lists the important User-Agent strings (i.e. the IDs of the browsers that contact your web server). You can use these strings to do quick tests of accessing your site via tools like Fiddler.
This article looks at adding a role to the user that has been newly created via the CreateUserWizard.
You have added the extra controls to the CreateUserWizard to collect additional information from the user at the time of new account creation. This article discusses how to save that extra information to the database.
This article discusses the CreateUserWizard and looks at extending the default user interface provided by it.
This article discusses the difference between authentication and authorization. It also discusses how the data required to support each of these features is stored in the database in ASP.NET 2.0 sites.
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