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This article looks at some quick basics of using the Android Debug Bridge that lets you manage the Android emulator/device.
This article gives some quick pointers on how to start debugging an Android application, along with where to put the breakpoints and how to change the emulator sizes from within Eclipse.
This article discusses and compares the development environments and technologies (Visual Studio, Eclipse, C#, Java, .Net Framework, Android SDK, etc.) used for developing Windows Mobile and Android applications.
This article compares the user interfaces of Windows Mobile and Android operating systems. For easier comparison, the images are placed side by side.
Eclipse is but a collection of plugins and Google provides various plugins via the Android Development Toolkit. This article looks at finding the plugins that are currently installed into your Eclipse environment.
This article talks about the basics of the browser (including the user agent string) used in the Android platform.
This article shows the screenshots of some pieces of the Android UI that is of interest to developers. These are from the android-sdk_m5-rc14 release.
This is the cool new user interface of the Android OS/phone from version m5 (m5_rc14). Now this phone is beginning look like iPhone. I am beginning to believe that this will be a serious contender to any of the phones out there. Screenshots of various apps included.
See the images of various skins and screens of Android emulator with games (Lunar Lander and Snake) in them. Also shows how to change the skins of Android emulator while debugging your program.
This article looks at a few basic imports that an Android program might use.
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