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This article explains the various pieces of the code generated for beginning an AJAX Server Control. The class ScriptControl and the over-ridden methods GetScriptDescriptors() and GetScriptReferences() are explained, among others.
This is a test on the various pieces of the code generated for an AJAX Server Control. This includes the class ScriptControl and the over-ridden methods GetScriptDescriptors() and GetScriptReferences().
Since JavaScript is a loosely-typed language, type checking is not done for you automatically. If you are writing library-type functions (those that would be used by other developers), it is very useful to validate the parameters. Here is how MS AJAX does the parameter validation.
Since JavaScript has been supported by every major web browser for a long time now, every decent-sized web site uses some JavaScript. Now that ASP.NET AJAX is available, you might want to refactor and start adding some of the functionality available in these libraries. This article goes through the initial refactoring steps.
This article looks at various aspects of autocompleteextender. The web service method that returns the matching results and various important properties of the control are also discussed.
This article shows how to embed the JavaScript files (.js) in your custom control dll. Along the way discusses the advantages of doing so.
Needless to say, the JavaScript files are essential to adding AJAX functionality to ASP.NET sites or ASP.NET custom controls. If you are using ASP.NET AJAX client libraries, the ScriptManager should recognize your .js files. This article looks at how to make ScriptManager recognize your existing JavaScript files.
ASP.NET AJAX client side libraries provide a Sys.Browser class. This class along with objects like Sys.Browser.InternetExplorer can be used to detect the browser that the current page is running on. This article discusses the browser detection from the client side.
Google Suggest style autocomplete feature is readily available from the AutoCompleteExtender control from the AJAX Toolkit. This article shows how to use control with the data obtained from database.
It would be very useful to have counter right next to the textbox and increase that number as the user is typing into that textbox. Based on the lengths of the string entered into the textbox we could change the background of the textbox (white, yellow, red). This can be done in JavaScript (on MS AJAX) with relatively a few lines of client-side code.
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